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We have been awarded ISO 9001 certificate ensuring uniform quality level in entire production process and supervision of each part of the production process and selection of raw materials. That translates into uniform high quality of all products shipped from our production facilities. CE

"Energy efficient windows and doors"

Low-E glazing coating reduces energy losses through windows. The coating allows heat to enter, and prevents it from escaping, reflecting it back into the space. The coating is colourless and it does not affect ingress of sunlight.

WINDOR® window systems are designed to minimize energy losses from residential and working spaces.

The windows comply with contemporary energy efficiency norms and standards employed during construction, therefore they are suitable for installation in low-energy and passive structures.

WINDOR® windows

  • ALUMINIUM durability
  • PVC thermal brake
  • TIMBER the best thermal insulation
  • 2K PU Foam additional thermal insulation (λ = 0,026)
  • Insulating glazing filled with inert gas
  • Low-E glazing coating
  • 5 seals EPDM rubber main seal
  • Soundproofing up to 46 dB natura profile

Aluminium on the outside surface of the windows is weather resistant, while timber facing living spaces creates a natural and warm ambience. Between the aluminium and the timber, there is a PVC thermal break. Timber is the best thermal insulator, and areas with no draught, moisture and ingress of cold air provide more comfortable and healthier living spaces.

WINDOR® windows are furnished with Sigenia security fittings. The fittings may comprise an element facilitating ventilation without opening the windows, which is very important in newly built structures due to occurrence of condensate.

Windows are made out of profiles:


Windows executed out of profile:


Uw ≈ 0,8 W/(m²K)

compakt termo

Uw ≈ 0,9 W/(m²K)


Uw ≈ 1,35 W/(m²K)


Uw indicates overall thermal conductivity of a window. Lower value indicates lower conductivity, i.e. better insulation.


Our products entail Sigenia security fittings with multiple locking points. Nursery windows are provided with key lockable handles.

Free measurement

We shall measure window and door openings free of charge so that your new WINDOR® finish carpentry fits seamlessly.

Where to buy?

WINDOR® windows and doors may be ordered and bought by calling us directly:

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