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WINDOR® References

Energy efficiency

WINDOR® is focused on economy and environment


Possible reduction in energy costs by installing energy efficient joinery.


Windows surface is made of glass.


Household energy is spent on interior heating.


Heat is lost in average through windows and building facade.

Windor Production

Reduce heating costs

WINDOR® windows and doors are engineered to reduce heat loss as much as possible. This reduces energy sources consumption, which results in cheaper heating and cooling. Due to its technical characteristics, WINDOR® joinery is suitable for installation in low-energy and passive buildings.

WINDOR® helps preserve environment. Reduced energy consumption results in reduced emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses. The energy needed to construct just one old, non-insulated building is sufficient for construction of four low-energy or nine passive buildings.

WINDOR® joinery advantages


Reduced heating and cooling bills

Quality of life

No noise, humidity and drafts

Smart investment

Prolonged building longevity

Environment preservation

Reduced emissions of environmentally harmful gasses

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