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Timber-Aluminium Window | Natura A®

WINDOR® Timber-Aluminium Window Natura A® External Profile

External profile

Natura A® is our latest product manufactured in accordance with modern green-building standards. Chief characteristics of this window are its unique modern design and its profile joining method. Natura A® profile meets all the low-energy passive building standards and is ready to be installed in such objects. Its additional advantages are minimal energy loss during all seasons and excellent thermal and sound insulation. Massive timber laminated profile guarantees both internal warmth and comfort of the interior and external durability and protection from the elements.

Natura A® is also equipped with three WINDOR® seals specifically designed to provide rain, noise and draft protection.

WINDOR® Timber-Aluminium Window Natura A® Internal Profile

Internal profile

Natura A® windows are manufactured usuing triple ISO glass (4+18+4+18+4). The space between glass panels is filled with inert glass for insulation. Glass is coated with Low-E coating which reflects energy into the building interior.

WINDOR® Uf 1,2
Framework thermal performance
WINDOR® Ug 0,5
Glass panel thermal performance
WINDOR® Uw 0,8
Total thermal performance
  • Technical data for Natura A®
    Profile thickness 80 mm
    Energy values Uw = 0,8 W/m2K (triple glazing Ug = 0,5 W/m2K)
    Aluminium profile Attached to timber
    Sealing 3 sealing levels, 1 Q-LON window casement seal, EPDM seals
    Casing Visible and concealed (up to 150kg bearing capacity)
    Timber Oak, larch and fir/spruce
WINDOR® Safety Siegenia

Equipment and safety

WINDOR® windows are equipped with Roto NT safety casing. Casings can have additional closed-window ventilation elements, which is extremely important due to condensation in newly built objects.

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Profile sealing is extremely important for humidity, rain and draft damage prevention. For our products, we use safety seals designed in our Product development department. Q-LON seals by the renown Schlegel factory are used for window casements, while EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) seals are used for window frames.

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WINDOR® Euroinspekt Drvokontrola

A Croatian institute we employ for window thermal performance, wind resistance qualities, air non conductivity and water non conductivity testing.

WINDOR® IFT Rosenheim

A European institute we employ for window thermal performance, wind resistance qualities, air non conductivity and water non conductivity testing.


TÜV is our security partner.

WINDOR® RAL installation

RAL installation

In order to maximize energy efficiency, joinery is installed according to RAL guidelines. The space between windows and walls is filled with waterproof, vapor conductive foil on the outer side and vapor nonconductive foil on the inner side. This achieves vapor conductivity and air non conductivity of the interior.

Installation according to RAL guidelines enables free exit of vapor from the interior, while preventing entry of water and rain.

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